Claudia Andrea González Cid

PhD in Social Sciences. Faculty of Social Sciences. University of Chile (2014-2018); Master in Rural Territorial Development. FLACSO Ecuador (2010-2012); Professional Title: Sociologist. Faculty of Social Sciences. University of Chile (2010); Higher Diploma in Local Development and Social Economy. FLACSO Argentina (2010).

Professional development in the area of Social Sciences, through participation in research, evaluation and intervention projects, with academic institutions, public organizations, social organizations and NGOs, in Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia, in urban and rural spaces. Experience in Situational studies and participatory diagnoses. Linked to issues of local development, rural, life strategies, child development, gender perspective, and education. Participation in interdisciplinary teams. Experience in teaching support in the chairs of elaboration and evaluation of social projects and qualitative methodologies.

Universidad de Chile (UChile)
Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B