Università della Calabria (UNICAL)

Vincenzo Fortunato

Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences - University of Calabria - in the area SPS/09 (Sociology of Labour and Economic processes). 1998 – 2000 Department of Sociology and Political Science - University of Calabria PhD in Sociology (Science, Technology and Society). 1996 - 1997 University of Warwick Coventry (UK) - Master in European Industrial Relations 1989 – 1995 University of Calabria - Rende (CS) - BA in Economic and Social Sciences. Research interests: Industrial relations, human resource management, labour organisation, social work and International social policies, no-profit organizations.Teaching activities: - Course of “Labour and Organization” (9 CFU) - degree course of Administration Sciences (BA), Department of Political and Social Sciences. - Course of “Sociology of Organization” (6 CFU), at degree course of Sciences of policies and social services (MA), Department of Political and Social Sciences.

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