INCASI, International Network for Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities, aims to create and consolidate a network of research and training between Europe and Latin America. To this end, we develope the project Global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America and exploring innovative ways to reduce them through life, occupational and educational trajectories research to face uncertainty, from January 2016 to December 2019, and is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission:


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)
Project Number: 691004

10 European and 10 Latin American universities are involved, with more than 140 researchers, coordinated by the Institute for Labor Studies (IET) and the Research Group on Education and Labor (GRET) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The coordinator, Principal Investigator, of the network is Pedro López-Roldán. In the following link you can see the project presentation in video.

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  • Secondment of Manuel Río

    Experience research secondment of Manuel Río, from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain), at Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani of Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), from 13-07-2018 to 12-09-2018.

  • Secondment of María Cascales

    Early stage research secondment of María Cascales, from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain), at Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani of Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), from 05-07-2018 to 04-09-2018.

  • Secondment of Santiago Amietta

    Experience research secondment of Santiago Amietta, from Middlesex University (England), at Universidad de Chile, from 01-07-2018 to 31-07-2018.

  • Coordination Meeting at Universidad de Sevilla

    Pedro López-Roldán, Main coordinator of the INCASI network, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-IET
    Sandra Fachelli, Task Manager and researcher of the INCASI network, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-GRET.
    Ildefonso Marqués-Perales, Main Responsible Investigator at Universidad de Sevilla.
    Date: Wednesday 27th June, 2018. Place: Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Cádiz, Spain.

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